A premier corporate strategy firm

We are a premier corporate strategy firm with the experience and track record of helping CEOs and their leadership teams achieve winning performance and build stronger organizations.

We bring our fresh perspectives and deep insights into current and future economics to help companies develop the strategies and capabilities that will outperform their competitors and create value for their shareholders
Our unique management perspective, innovative thinking and broad experience help executives at a wide range of organizations answer their most important questions and make crucial decisions with confidence, these clients span the world.
Our teams combine deep sector experience and functional knowledge. Led by our Directors who are “on the ground”, we have helped our clients to create the strategies and capabilities to outperform the competition.


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ZATUS has the fresh insights and proven track record to help CEOs and their leadership teams build stronger organizations and achieve greater performance. Rather than telling clients what to do based on industry benchmarks and established processes, we let each client’s unique capabilities and market position be the guide.

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WE started focused on helping business leaders identify precisely where their business portfolios were creating and destroying value. We pioneered processes and performance measures that transformed our industry. Then we linked these value-based measures to strategic planning at the business unit and corporate level.

  • General Consulting services

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  • Oil & Gas

    The current energy industry landscape is changing rapidly.  A number of major trends are contributing to this rapid rate of change.

  • Consumer & Retail

    The rules of the game have changed in the consumer space.  The new economic reality has reset what consumers value and are willing to pay for. 

  • Industrials

    Industrial companies are facing major change, with many developed markets experiencing slow growth and stagnant margins.  Additionally, demand and production bases are shifting to China and other emerging countries, but profitability in many of these new markets has proven elusive.

  • Healthcare, Wellness and Nutrition

    Our Healthcare, Wellness and Nutrition Experience